About Us

Lifepoint Community Church is a church where people from all types of backgrounds have come together to worship God, and enjoy life. From the very beginning Lifepoint has felt passionate about grace-oriented ministry and leadership.  Our desire is to show grace rather than have a set of legalistic rules.

Through the years people from many church affiliations, and many with no prior church experience have come to worship. We learn how to live biblical principles together. Lifepoint is an inter-denominational church. We fully respect the preferences and traditions that people have learned in various churches. We also realize that not everyone is familiar with the many traditions of different churches. While it is impossible to acknowledge all the traditions of many churches, we can help explain them so others who are not familiar with them can appreciate them too.

We use the L-I-F-E in Lifepoint to describe our purpose.

Loving God

          Inspiring Others

                   Fostering Faith

                             Enjoying Life



What to Expect

We realize attending a church for the first time can be a little awkward. However, at Lifepoint you will be greeted by a friendly person. They are available to answer any question you may have, or simply smile as you come in. You will find coffee, and water in the foyer.

There is a nursery, and classes for kids through the fifth grade in the Kidpoint area. Kids will enjoy the huge indoor playground. They will also have a class where they learn valuable life lessons from God’s word.

The music style is mostly contemporary with an occasional hymns. There is no dress code as the environment is casual. All the teachings are directed to helping people have a healthy relationship with God, and helpful in living everyday life.

So we welcome you to come and see what Lifepoint is all about. You might just find out like we did that it is a safe and comfortable place to call home.